• Mr. Horia Ciorcilă

    Member of Excellence

    Currently CEO of the largest and most important bank in Romania, Banca Transilvania SA, a position he has successfully held since 2002. Mr. Ciorcilă is a pillar of the Romanian banking industry, actively involved in the largest business projects in Romania. Mr. Ciorcilă is also involved in various businesses and actively participates in the most important insurance and capital markets companies in Romania.

  • His Excellency, Mr. Atiq Juma Ali Darwish Bin Darwish

    Member of Excellence

    As a representative of the United Arab Emirates is an active representative in the policies of the State and his long and successful military career with more than 45 active years, during which His Excellency has held positions in the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates has made him a role model in terms of his precision, discipline, professionalism and leadership skills, which qualified him to gain the confidence of his superior. He is distinguished by his high performance, taking initiative and innovating appropriate solutions at critical moments

  • Mrs. Genoveva Turcu

    President & CEO
    In the capacity of President of APEB RO-UAE has actively participated in establishing various strategic partnerships, well known for her performance and innovating solutions, and leadership capabilities which qualified her to be part of today’s global thinkers entrepreneurs -all her actions are related to the goal - to create a bridge between the two ecosystems CEE and Middle East.
  • Mrs. Irina Matei

    Vice President
    In the capacity of Vice- President of APEB RO-UAE is an expert in international relations. She has accumulated over 10 years of experience in the government apparatus of the United Arab Emirates, being actively involved in countless projects regarding the coordination of financial markets, government and educational programs and the coordination of important PPP projects.
  • Mrs. Anca Harasim

    Vice President
    In the capacity of Vice- President of APEB RO-UAE, former Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania (AmCham Romania), the Founder and first President of Harvard Club Romania-Moldova, the Founder of Aspen Institute Romania and serves as the Vice-President of The Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation. Over the last 30 years, Anca has fulfilled assignments in major organizations in Romania as the Director of the Open Society Foundation, Fulbright Commission, and AmCham Romania. With a comprehensive senior-level experience in managing & developing organizations of public policy & program strategic planning, management development & implementation of innovative reforms in Central & Eastern Europe, Anca is currently serving on the Boards of several non-profit organizations.
  • Mr. Ciprian Petcu-Urasi

    Tech Inteligence Consultant
    Has been APEB consultant from the first steps, platform generator and partner, Master's degree in Energy Security, 6 Languages speaker, Licensed in International Transactions, Private Investment Fund Manager, Venture Capital investments in Technology, Focused on future technologies, A.I. and Space Tech & Angel Investor in Start-ups, Blue Dot Ventures, RF Meters, CDS Wireless.


  • Applicants should fill in the membership form, including the company details and the person delegated in relation with APEB RO-UAE.

  • Membership application is approved by APEB RO-UAE

  • Activation of membership is done by paying the annual membership fee (companies joining during the year will be invoiced for the remaining months until the end of the calendar year) 

  • Certification of membership will be communicated to the address mentioned in the membership application